My husband and I married in 2003 and have dreamed of owning a farm for years.  After filling our 1.5 acre home in the suburbs with chickens, ducks, 2 pygmy goats and a pig or two the pieces finally started to fall into place.  Finally in 2014 we purchased a beautiful home on 10 acres in Bertram.  Tom currently runs a CVS pharmacy and I am a critical care nurse at an emergency animal hospital. 

We breed for healthy, happy, friendly goats that perform in the show ring and the milk pail.  We have not gotten into the show scene ourselves so most of the pictures you will see are not show clipped does in perfect stances but lazy goats spending time with their herd in the pasture.  We still strive to breed for better confirmation, udders that will stand the test of time and overall health.  Flashy colors and blue eyes are always a plus but never a first priority.  Please take a look around our website and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.  We love talking with people who enjoy these wonderful goats as much as we do!

In 2017 we will be participating in our first Linear Appraisal! 

In 2018 we plan to place the herd on Milk Test!

our apiary

The bees are here!

our products

Milk, soaps, lotions, lip balm!

Nigerian Dwarf and Nubian, kids are due March/April and Sept/Oct

Our goats