Peppermint Essential Oil

Our most popular seller! A traditional peppermint scent, swirled with blue jojoba beads thru out for a gentle scrub.  We use natural jojoba esters so they are biodegradable

Amber & Cedar

I knew I wanted to do a Texas inspired soap and a few scents came to mind.  But This fragrance is fresh and opens with rich pine notes blended with warm cinnamon and clove. Finished with cedarwood and mellowed with a gentle amber scent.

Transport yourself to the Brazilian coast with our new floral spa collection.  Our handmade soaps are colored with all natural Brazilian Sea Clay.  Nourish your skin, while the soft floral scents intoxicate your senses and relax your mind and soul.  Topped with sparkle mica and dried flowers for a luxurious finish. 

Red Hots

Remember that little cinnamon candy? If you loved them then this is the soap for you

Fizzy Lemonade

Our most refreshing scent of all, imagine fizzy champagne bubbles intermingled with crisp citrus notes.  The perfect pick me up for a morning shower and a great kitchen soap.

Rolling Tides

Deep and complex, a wonderful unisex scent.  Notes of bergamont, orange, lemon zest, hyacinth, sparkling cassis, kelp and deep sea water.  Warm and relaxing, you cant go wrong with this scent.  A favorite in our NEW bath bomb line.

Coffee & Cream

This comforting and familiar scent smells just like that good ol' cup a Joe. The fragrance entices the senses with opening notes of bitter-sweet chocolate, coconut, and almond. Middle notes of honey and caramel while finishing off with notes of roasted coffee bean and burnt sugar.

Handmade, small batch goat milk soaps, made weekly with the milk from our girls.  Ingredients include coconut oil, olive oil and vitamin E.  Our soaps are a harder bar that produce a generous amount of bubbles and wash away clean, leaving your skin soft and hydrated.  Gentle enough for even sensitive skin.  Starting in 2019 ALL our bars will now contain raw Double Wing Dairy honey and colloidal oatmeal, the skin benefits are endless and the added sugar content creates MORE lather!

Bars are 5 oz

$6.50 each or 2 for $12

Shipping available

Apple Sage

A refreshing blend of sweet juicy apples and notes of herbaceous sage.  Top notes of pineapple and coconut add to the mouth watering aroma.  Crushed walnuts add gentle exfoliation.  In the fall this scent is special blended with our Cinnamon Red Hot scent to create the most AMAZING fall bar.

Vanilla Sandalwood

This fragrance is warm, rich and comforting. A blend of smokey sandalwood and creamy vanilla. Soft enough to be a womens scent, yet woodsy enough to be for a man.  Accented with fine grain Red Sea Salt for gentle exfoliation. 

***I love working with customers to create custom soaps for special occasions like weddings and showers.  We also offer special Christmas packages that make great stocking stuffers!  Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in something special.  Remember to allow 2-4 weeks for curing so advanced notice is necessary.

Oatmeal, Milk & Honey

Sweet and warm, straight from Grandmom's kitchen.  Vanilla undertones and raw Double Wing Dairy Honey

The NEW Floral Collection

Winter Gardenia


Eucalyptus Mint

Eucalyptus and Mint blend together with hints of citrus and calendula to create an invigorating fragrance. Trace amounts of jojoba beads provide a very mild scrub. Inlaid with our logo in gold mica for an elegant finish.  

Blackberry & Sage

Juicy, summer berries tempered with sage.  This sweet bar is made with activated charcoal.  AC draws bacteria, dirt and other micro particles to the surface to help achieve that healthy, flawless complexion!


Sweet Pea