Double Wing DTH Siren

​S: Flying J's Do the Hustle *B LA E+V 86

D: SG Keno-Farms Scarlet 1*M LA EVEV 90

Hustle and Scarlet both received an E in back and rump, Huslte an E in head and a Scarlet a V.  This is a cross of my two most beloved animals and the foundation of my alpine herd.  They gave me TRIPLET DOES, I am retaining two and want to see this girl in a performance or show home and a discount will be given.  Registered and microchipped.  Check out her genetic full sister Saffron on our alpine doe page, I am in love with her FF udder and she has a dang near perfect head!  Siren's paternal sister is already a finished champion as a FF with the Circle 4B herd.

Born 02/14/2019

Alpine show doe kid


BORN 03/2019

BUCK, black and white, blue eyes, wattles

S: Harlequin BJ Rocky Road *B

D:Froggy Bog Bazinga


This is a line breeding on SGCH Agape Oaks GL Cookies N Cream 3*M LA EEEE 91)  Cookies won BOTH the high 305 milk (volume) and High 305 Butterfat production awards for the 2018 ADGA nationals last year.  This guy should add milk to any doe!  I am retaining his brother for my own buck pen

* All kids are dam and bottle raised by a CAE free herd.  They are well socialized and handled daily.  

*All kids will be disbudded, vaccinated and dewormed.  They are all offered Goat Grower with coccidiostat and free choice loose minerals, kelp, baking soda and hay.  

* Any buck that is not up to our standards to be a sire in our own herd will be wethered.  We practice humane, surgical castration with a testicular nerve block using lidocaine.

* All goat sales require a 50% NON REFUNDABLE deposit to hold them.  No goat will be held with out a deposit.  

*Our herd is tested yearly for CAE, and spot checked for CL and Johne's, copies of bloodwork will happily be provided at buyer's request.  All incoming goats are tested on intake for CAE/CL/Johne's.

* Once a goat leaves this property ZERO guarantees will be made for the continued health status of the goat.  I have no control over what happens off this property or what they will be exposed to.  If something would happen to the goat in our possession ALL money paid will be refunded, refunds will NOT exceed money paid. 

* I reserve the right to refuse any goat sale

*Kids MUST be picked up by 9 weeks old unless otherwise agreed upon.  A boarding fee of $2 a day there after will apply.  Failure to pick up your kid by 12 weeks old will result in a loss of your deposit.