Indian Blue Pied Male  (low percentage Spalding)

Black Shoulder Male

Purple Silver Pied Male

The Aviary feels like it is a constant work in progress, changing what we fall in love with and adding to the farm.  We are currently breeding:

Sebastopol Geese

Muscovy Ducks

Pea Fowl

White Male

Bronze Male

Our Pea Fowl Program is VERY new, A stray Indian Blue hen showed up on our property in 2018 and we just fell in love.We will not be doing any breeding pens for years to come.  Any chicks that are hatched will be mixed colors, grown out, evaluated and some will be for sale at pet prices.  Our flock currently consists of the following females: 2 Indian Blue hens, 3 Black Shoulder hens, 2 Spalding hen, 1 Bronze hen, 1 cameo hen.  You can see pictures of our young males below:

Charcoal Male