Rocky has some amazing does behind him.  His maternal dam and grand dam are not only SGCH does but they BOTH received the 2016 American Nigerian Dwarf Association Total Performer Award!  To qualify for this award a doe has to have earned her permanent championship, scored 90 or above in LA and milked a minimum of 750 lbs of milk with at least 40 lbs of butterfat as verified by milk test records. 

Harlequin BJ Rocky Road *B

SS: Castle Rock Farm Harvest Moon +B *S

Photo courtesy of Flat Rocks Farm

DS: Flat Rocks Gem's Legacy +B

                   LA VEE 88

Photo courtesy of Agape Oaks

DD: SGCH/ARMCH Agape Oaks Oreo 5*D 2*M

                          LA EEEE 91

Photos courtesy of Castle Rock Farm

SD:GCH/MCH/PGCH Cloverdale YJ Blue Raven *D

                         LA VEEE 90

Photo courtesy of Harlequin Goats

D: SGCH Agape Oaks Cookies N Cream 3*M

                       LA EEVV 90

Photo courtesy of Harlequin Goats

S: Castle Rock Blue Jay +*B*S

                LA V+V 85

Born: 02/26/2013

ADGA# D1642118

AGS# D-67295

Sire: Castle Rock Blue Jay *S 

Dam: SGCH Agape Oaks Cookies N Cream 3*M

14 months old, photo courtesy of Texas Skyz