D: SG Harlequin LS Snowbell 4*M 2*D

                     LA  +VEV 87

SS:  Incognito Farm Pedro
            LA VVV 86


SD: SG Howling Hill Larissa

DD: SG Harlequin RB Belladonna 3*M 1*D
                        VEEV 88

DS: Harlequin C Lovestorm *B

SG Harlequin LS Jingle Bell 4*M 2*D 

                 LA VEEE 91

Photos Courtesy of Texas Skyz

Photos Courtesy of Texas Skyz

Unfortunately Tex's dam has not been LA'd but both of her sisters have done very well
SG Howling Hill Psamathe 1*M  LA VEEV 89
SGCH Howling Hill Thalassa 1*M LA EEEV 90

Texas Skyz LT Dixie Rebellion 

S: Freedom Star Lil Texas +B

             LA +VV 85