D: SG Agape Oaks Tempo 1*M1*D

         LA EEEV 90

S: Freedom Star Lil Texas

         LA +EV 85

DD: Flat Rocks Bling Bling

Photo Courtesy of Orianthi Farm

Photo Courtesy of Open Hands Farm

Photos Courtesy of Texas Skyz

SD: SG Howling Hill Larissa

Born: 03/18/2013

ADGA# D1639939

Sire: Freedom Star Lil Texas 

Dam: Agape Oaks Tempo 1*M1*D

Photo Courtesy of Freedom Star Farm

Texas Skyz Mocha Bliss 2*M

Unfortunately Tex's dam has not been LA'd but both of her sisters have done very well
SG Howling Hill Psamathe 1*M  LA VEEV 89
SGCH Howling Hill Thalassa 1*M LA EEEV 90

DS: SG Agape Oaks Miracle +B

SS: Incognito Farm Pedro

          LA VVV 86