Dam's udder                    Sire's Dam's udder

Photos Courtesy of Lost Valley Nigerians

Nigerian Dwarfs

Photos Courtesy of Texas Skyz @ 2yrs old

Shannon just takes so much better pictures than me!

Saga will be bred to:

Texas Skyz My Wish 10*M

Texas Skyz AOS Swiss Miss

Wooly Dog Down Bodacious

Tux will be bred to:

Texas Skyz Mocha Bliss 2*M

Froggy Bog Aurora​

Flying J's Do the Hustle *B

Hustle will be the Sire to all of our 2018 Alpine kids this year.  I have two of his daughters retained from this year and they are JUST AMAZING.  Hustle scored V+E 86 in 2016 as a 2 year old, he missed LA in 2017 due to an illegible tattoo.  I cant WAIT to see how he scores in 2018.  He comes from a long line of SG, GCH, * milkers and amazing LA scores.  

Hustle's 2017 Buck kid with Keno-Farms Scarlet is also still for sale.  Scarlet scored an E in mammary in 2016 as a 2 yr old FF!  She will be LA'd again in 2018.

Dam's Udder                    Maternal Grand Dam                 Sire's Dam

Agape Oaks AD Tuxedo 

Tux's dam and littermate sister are JUST BEAUTIFUL DOES.  I can not wait to see his kids start hitting the ground.

Dam: GCH Agape Oaks GHIR Tiramisu 2*M

​Sister: Agape Oaks AD Mascarpone 3*M


Hustle will be bred to:

Keno-Farms Scarlet

Two Trees Olive Branch

BRK Dairy Farm Envoy Sophia

Climbing-Oaks Flopsey

Standard Breeds

Blue eyed

Lost Valley TM Saga *B*S

This will be out first year to use Saga and I suspect he will stick around for awhile!  I just love the look of this guy,very correct.  He scored +V+ 82 at LA this year at 2.5 yrs old, the appraiser seemed to really like him.  Im excited to see how he does next year.

Lokni will be bred to:

The Bridgit's First Layla ( ok, to be honest will LIKELY keep a doe kid out of my old Goldthwaithe girl.  She will  be retired after her 2018 kidding)

The Ike's Punky Bluester

BRK's Farm Layla's Fancy (First choice doe kid reserved)

Sire: Freedom Star Lil Texas +B

Dam: SG Agape Oaks Mary Todd


Texas Skyz MM Controlled Chaos

Didn't think this guy was going to be tall enough for this years breeding season but he has surprised me.  Cant wait to see what this pretty silver boy can do.  Heavily line bred on Irish Whisper Harry Potter, just look at his daddy below!

JMB's View BRK's Lokni 

Each year the direction if my herd seems to change slightly.  In 2016 it took a major change, I bought my first alpine on a whim and I was hooked.  The Nubians had always been Tom's choice and in lieu of focusing on too many breeds I will NOT be retaining ANY 2018 nubian kids.  I will be hanging on to most of the girls I already own and love but will place all of the 2018 kids up for sale and possibly a milker or two.  The Nubians will still participate in LA and be placed on milk test, we just wont be keeping any of the kids.

I already have reservations for three doe kids so if you might be interested just let me know!

Blue Eyed

ADGA #: D1629738


Alpha S1 Casein :  B/B



Yellow Door Farm Oldspice

What can I say about Spicey?  He will always be my sweet boy, he is likely the biggest buck I own but he is also the sweetest.  He is LOOONG, level and very deep bodied.  I look forward to freshening his first daughter late 2018 and retaining many more.

ADGA #: D1711895
AGS #: D-73552


Alpha S1 Casein :  B/B

Dam 2F udder after kidding weeks prior AND moving to our farm.

DWD reserves the right to retain any kid from any breeding.  We do not take deposits on unborn kids but will happily place you on a list to be notified on a breeding you may be interested in.  2018 will be an exciting year as we have not one, but two amazing bucks come from Texas Skyz farm to date a few of our Nigerian girls.  When kids start hitting the ground most will be sent out as bottle babies.  All our kids stay on mom for the first 4-6 days to ensure they receive plenty of colostrum and will be disbudded prior to leaving the farm. A 50% non refundable deposit is required to hold any kid, the deposit will be fully refunded if anything should change on DWD's end of the agreement.  We will be participating in Linear Appraisal again in 2018, the price of our kids are determined by many different factors.  Doe kids routinely START at $400, Wethers are $150 each and $250 a pair.  Very few bucks leave our farm intact, they must be up to our standards to remain intact, prices will vary.  

​Honey Doe Farm Laces Out

Finkel will be the only junior buck tall enough for fall breedings.  He will have two girls in his line up and I am excited to see what this boy can do!  His dam is new to our herd and scored an E in body at LA with a V in head, rear legs, back and udder texture.  She is a dream to hand milk and we are excited to have her.  Finkel is also moonspotted, polled and blue eyed, cant top that flashy trifecta.  You might not be able to milk pretty colors but it sure is a nice bonus.  

Legacy will be bred to:

TX Twincreeks Topeka Peekaboo

​English Oaks Farm Viola

​SLR B Dulce de Leche

Harlequin BJ Rocky Road *B

Rocky has some amazing does behind him.  His maternal dam and grand dam are not only SGCH does but they BOTH received the 2016 American Nigerian Dwarf Association Total Performer Award!  To qualify for this award a doe has to have earned her permanent championship, scored 90 or above in LA and milked a minimum of 750 lbs of milk with at least 40 lbs of butterfat as verified by milk test records.  Our first Rocky daughter retained, Pop Rocks will be freshening in the spring as a 2 yo FF and we cant wait.   

Spicey will be bred to:

​Red Wing's F Golden Sapphire

Froggy Bog Bazinga

Dam's udder                            Sire's Dam's udder

Photos Courtesy of Poppy Patch and Agape Oaks

Chaos will be bred to :​​

English Oaks Farm Winnie

Softwine Elsa Ice Queen

​Ten Cate Farm My Little Cheese

Blue Eyed



Texas Skyz LT Legacy

Southlake FOD Tuscan Mulinello Twist has thrown some beautiful babies, and for some unknow reason I sold him to my friend at K-N-S farm.  What was I thinking?  Oh well, he got to spend some time with a handful of girls before he left, I am sad to say I think he only bred Fall, crossing my fingers for pink.

Finkel will be bred to:

Double Wing IF Out On Safari

Double Wing RR Pop Rocks


Twist will be bred to:

Honey Doe Farm Fall

Lokni is POLLED, MOONSPOTTED and throws BEAUTIFUL kids.

Rocky will be bred to:

Honey Doe Farm Dewdrop

English Oaks Farm Pearl

DancingTails Belinda

Mesquite Tree Hill Willow (la mancha)

Alice (unreg mix)