Bred To:

English Oaks Farm Viola (VEEV 88)

Lost Valley MI Bristol Bay

Harlequin CM Fairy Tale

Soft Wine Elsa Ice Queen

Harlequin M Calligraphy

Texas Skyz Mocha Bliss 2*M (+VVV 84)

Texas Skyz LT Dixie Rebellion

Double Wing RR Starburst

Double Wing TM Twister Winter

Double Wing TM Cezanne

Bred To:

Mesquite Tree Hill Willow 1*M (+V+V 84)

Honey Doe Farm Squid Ink (++++ 83)

Crape Myrtle (NOA)

Bred To:

Double Wing OS Hatch Grn Chile

Double Wing TUX Pretty Ricky

Double Wing TR Marina

Ricketts 4 Redneck Rose

Agape Oaks NAV Black Eyed Susan 3*M1*D (VEE+88)

Harlequin B Rebel Heart *B

S: SG Dill's TS Banjo

(Dill's D Two Step *B X SGCH/MCH Dill's XM Keena 4*M (EEEE 92))

D: TX Twincreeks MS Foolish Heart 1*M (VVV+ 87)

(MCH/CH TX Twincreeks Meteor Shower (+VV 84) X Hill Country's TB Heartburn (++++ 84)

Patteran RW Jubilation

S:GCH Nixon's Resume's Wisdom +B

(Nixon's Calculating Resume +B (VVV 88) X Nixon's Showy Tweed (VEEE 91)

D: CH Patteran Envoy Delight (VEVE 90)

(YBNVS Jim's Envoy (EEV 90) X Patteran Zulu Approve (VV+E 87)

Phoenix Farm Herring Bay (VEE 90)

S:Phoenix Farm IDA Defiant One

(SG NC PromisedLand SS Deviant *B**S (VVV 87) X CH Phoenix Farm IDA Special Order (VEEE 91)

D: Phoenix Farm Seagull (V+EV 87)

(ARMCH Twin Creeks BH Baywatch +**S**B X SGCH Phoenix Farm Summer Bird (EEEE 91)

Honey Doe Farm Laces Out

S: Pueblo Mission Casper

(Blue Summers Storm X Pueblo Mission Mini)

D: Honey Doe Farm Fall (+VEV 86)

(TooMiniGoats J Texas Blizzard X Sandy Hollow UK JoJo)

*Sire is polled, blue eyed and moonspotted*

Bred To:

Bred To:

Two Trees Tamarack

Bred To:

Double Wing OS Hot Thai Curry

Double Wing ZIP Dont You Wish

Cherry Tree Hill Corsica (MDGA Mini Alpines)

Double Wing DTH Sardinia (MDGA Mini Alpines)


Bred To:

Double Wing OS Scotch Bonnet

Patteran Envoy Hellion

S: YBNVS Jim's Envoy (EEV 90)

(SG Goodwoods James ++B X GCH YBNVS Relent's Emblem 1*M (EEEE 90)

D: CH Patteran YMG Yellacious One (VEVE 90)

(SG YBNVS Maverick's Gavin +B (VEV 87) X Patteran Hellacious P-Rageous)

Bred To:

Two Trees Olive Branch (VVEV 87)

Climbing Oaks Flopsey 1*M (VV+E 88)

Xtraordinairy RHXB Scandal

Five Eights Charlotte


Lost Valley NKO Zippy *S*B (+VV 85)

S: Lost Valley LG Neeko *S*B

(MCH/GCH Lost Valley DAX Legend *S+B X ARMCH/GCH Lost Valley KW Nala 4*D 3*M)

D: MCH/GCH Hill Country's EJ Zip Drive 8*D2*M

(Lost Valley KW Eskimo Joe *S X Hill Country's Virtual Reality 7*D1*M)


DWD reserves the right to retain any kid from any breeding.  We do not take deposits on unborn kids but will happily place you on a list to be notified on a breeding you may be interested in.  When kids start hitting the ground most will be sent out as bottle babies.  All our kids stay on mom for the first 4-6 days to ensure they receive plenty of colostrum and will be disbudded prior to leaving the farm. A 50% non refundable deposit is required to hold any kid, the deposit will be fully refunded if anything should change on DWD's end of the agreement.  We will be participating in Linear Appraisal again in 2020, the price of our kids are determined by many different factors.  Doe kids routinely START at $450, Wethers are $150 each and $250 a pair.  Very few bucks leave our farm intact, they must be up to our standards to remain intact, prices will vary.  

Bred To:

Double Wing RR Wonka

2020 Breeding Schedule

Bred To:

Buffalo Clover Zinfandel

Ricketts 4 PF Mayzee

Ricketts 2 RO Myla

**Kids will carry the Ricketts 4 herd name

Yellow Door Farm Oldspice  (VEV 97)

S: Texas Dream Farm Joaquin

(Wilson Tiny Goat Hillbilly Blue x Wilson Tiny Goat Bambi Bling

D:TX Twincreeks SEM Swan Song

(Lost Valley TB Seminole *S*B (VEE 89) X TX Twin Creeks CAS Spotted Dove)

Dancing Dog Memphis Raines   (VVV 87)

S: Flat Rocks Buckingham 

(Flat Rocks Gem ++B++S X Spiritwind Little Egypt)

D: SG Agape Oaks FC Mary Todd 2*M (VEVE 90)

(SG Flat Rocks Firecracker +B+S X SG Flat Rocks Lady Luck *M*D (VEEV 90)

Bred To:

Flat Rocks Voodoo Royalty

Harlequin M Picture This

Open Hands Farm Tiddlywink

Double Wing DTH Hustler

S: Flying J's Do The Hustle *B (V+E 86)

(Montage Easy Money *B (VVV 86) X GCH Flying J's Mischief Maker 9*M (VEVE 89)

D: Climbing-Oak Flopsey 1*M (VV+E 88)

(Climbing-Oak Goatee X Climbing-Oak Claire)

Slade's Serendipity Goldfeather

S: Piddlin Acres Redneck Carnival

(Pecan Hollow C American Pride X SG Piddlin Acres W Taboo (VEEE 90)

D:Piddlin Acres Patina

(Pecan Hollow C American Pride X Piddlin Acres CB Dandelion)

Bred to:

SG DancingTails Belinda (VEEV 90)

Double Wing SG Banshee

Texas Skyz LT Just My Luck

Short on Heaven Raisin Cain

Alice (unregistered)

Southern Drawl Redneck

S: Castle Rock River Rock (VEE 88)

(Castle Rock Tanzanite X CRF Castle Rock Moon River (EEEE 91)

D: CH HBF V Lieto Fine

(Piddlin Acres WB Viagra X HBF M Operetta)

T Bar C Farm DR Tonka

S: 4-Ever-R's Decker (EVE 90)

(Kastdemur's Wild Pepper Twist (VEE 90) X 4-Ever-R's VHT Wasaki)

D:SGCH Texas Dynamite CM Rosie (VVVV 87)

(Sapphire W Captain Morgan (VEE 88) X SGCH Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Carrie (EEEE 91)