Mixed Breed Turkeys $12

We have several breeds of birds available during the hatching season.  All birds are sold STRAIGHT RUN (unsexed).  Birds will not be placed up for sale until they are 1 week old to make sure they have the best chance of survival.  We try to keep the website up to date but call for the most current availability.  We will occasionally sell fertilized eggs, however there is NO GUARANTEE on hatch success since we have no control on how eggs are handled after they leave the farm.  Prices below are for 1 week old birds, price increases $1/week starting at 2 weeks old.

Sebastapol Geese


Heritage Rio Grands $15

Heritage Bourbon Red Turkeys $15

Muscovey Ducklings $10



Guinea Keets

            -Pearl Grey $8

            -White $10

​            -Lavender $10